Monday, December 21, 2009

Great Tribute to Barcelona from a Milan fan

I read this on the forums, written by a Milan fan, irasmaldinista. It was titled

"We are Rossoneri, But We are Not Blind Blaugrana Friends"

Makes me feel extremely proud, fans of other clubs have also appreciated how great this team truly was.

Yes, we can see...

We can see a Football club finally emulating the 1988-1994 invincible Milan and even surpassing them.

We can see a Football club who count on their own home-grown boys.

We can see a Football club who know money may buy some cups, but not character, not history.

We can see a Football club who deserves being called simply the best.

We can see a Football club who free themselves from rigid myths and do what they feel is right.

We can see a Football club who are proud of their achievment, and rightly so.

We can see a Football club who are already gone down in history books as righteous victorious.

We were mesmerized by their humility, their exuberance on the pitch, their harmony, their sense of belongingness to their club and many more aspects of a true phenomenon.

We will clearly remember a Football club whose head-coach dedicated their dominantly conquered European trophy to one of the best men ever in the history of the beautiful game: Our eternal Captain, Paolo Maldini.

They did so only out of pure respect, nothing more. They could easily not have done that and nothing would have happened, but chose to show their immense character to the world and we wish to thank them, again.

I, on behalf of all the Milanisti who are used to winning and who naturally adore the winners, congratulate the unbelievable accomplishment of the Catalan men and express our hope to be the first side to repeat such enormous success.

Let's hope their culture, which is that of the beginning days of Football, which is that of being identified representatives of a region or a city, is followed by all other clubs, including our beloved Milan, to see more of these glorious moments, the moments that they experienced.

Props to the writer again.

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