Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Barcelona now Aiming to Get Cesc

After being told that Javier Mascherano is most definitely not for sale, Barcelona have now turned their focus and attention to bringing back Arsenal captain and playmaker Cesc Fabregas (22), report all Catalan media.

Barcelona representatives reportedly spoke to Fabregas' entourage, and were told that Cesc had given the green light for discussions with the club, but would do so only after Barcelona talked to Arsenal first.

Barcelona now have the tough job to convince Arsene Wenger to sell his most prized asset. The price that has been doing the rounds in the Catalan media is in the region of 40-50 million euros, which would make this, if completed, Barcelona's second record signing in the same season.

The signing of Cesc would be hailed as a mighty achievement by most Barcelona fans, and for good reason. He has the qualities to become the finest playmaker in Spain once Xavi retires. Also, he provides excellent rotation options in midfield, without causing any dip in quality.


buj said...

Anurag, 1) do you think Arsenal will let him go before the CL, seeing how we could potentially be their opponent?

2) If we won't go for Cesc just because we can't use him in the CL, would that be counter-productive?

3) or should we just wait for next summer, where a new prez can go for him? The advantage could be a) the fee could be reasonable considering his contract expires the year after that, 2011 and b) circumstances may go against Arsenal with trophies and CL qualification.

Anurag said...

1. Yes, for the right price. 45 million should do it. Wenger anyway trusts his youth and they have had a good pre season. If Fabregas pushes from his end, even better.

2. Yes because we can use him in all other competitions anyway, so it would not be a cause for worry IMO. But to pay a very high price would be silly if he becomes cup-tied.

3. Next summer, not as good an idea because:
- Who knows if we will win enough this year without the required depth.
- This year we are contesting the most trophies we can. This is the season we NEED to make this transfer.
- His contract expires in 2013, and his price will just rise, not fall.
- Circumstances are against Arsenal anyway. No trophies for five years will irk a player of Cesc's potential and status.

buj said...

Good reasonings.

On the contract. Though most news reports state his contract expires on 2014, I've used the one stated by Wikipedia @ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cesc_F%C3%A0bregas, in which it state this

In September 2006, with six years left on his deal, Arsenal offered a new five-year deal (with an option to extend by a further three years, making eight years) to the midfielder, which he signed on 19 October 2006.

No matter tho. Your points are still valid.