Friday, July 17, 2009

Agreement with Inter on Ibrahimovic

Barcelona have reportedly agreed on the signing of Swedish frontman Zlatan Ibrahimovic of Inter Milan.

The president's of both clubs, Joan Laporta and Massimo Moratti met in Milan and the deal was agreed a little after midnight on Friday, 17th July.

The move also sees Samuel Eto'o and Hleb moving to Inter Milan. The deal is valued at 40 million euros+Samuel Eto'o+Aliaksandr Hleb on one year loan.

Among the newspapers giving wide coverage to this deal are Sport, El Mundo Deportivo and Sky Sport 24.

If officially confirmed this is Barcelona's second signing of the summer and also the second in the space of two days.

Needless to say, Barcelona have sprung another surprise with how quickly they seem to have wrapped up this deal. At this rate, Barcelona is still way ahead of Real Madrid in terms of quality.


Xaviniesta said...

i know the press is all abuzz with this bit of news but could this just an exercise to put pressure on Valencia? cos for one i dont see Inter selling Ibra at this point plus there's no mention Eto'o has authorized Barca to negotiate his release, he seems to want to stay and play out his contract. second, what about Pep's and Trixi's reassurances to Villa? I mean Villa has gone all out to help the deal materialized even offering to fund the difference himself, the guy has burned bridges trying to join us, what happens to him now.

Anurag said...

I don't know, I mean first things first, Eto'o wants to leave and he knows that with City and United closing their doors, this is the only remaining option. On pep's blog, it is also said that Eto'o has consented to the deal.

As for Villa, we have another Filipe case on our hands here. A player desperately wanted to come but his club screwed it up for him. I know he was willing to fund the move, but the word is that Llorente declared him untransferable last night, which is why Txiki and co. turned to Ibra.

buj said...

I hope we go after him next transfer season if Valencia again fails to secure a CL spot. He could be our next Titi, aged yes but lethal. maybe by then Valencia is willing to let him go for much much less.....That is if this Ibra deal is for real.

Anonymous said...

I am beginning to doubt the Ibra deal now, because there has been no confirmation from any source