Tuesday, July 14, 2009

No End in Sight Yet For Villa Saga

David Villa's meeting with Manuel Llorente has not achieved any major breakthroughs, reports Sport.

According to reports, Villa clearly stated his desire to play for the Blaugrana next season. However, Valencia have deemed Barcelona's bid of 40 million euros to be unacceptable.

Marca states that Valencia would only be willing to sell Villa for 50 million euros. It remains to be seen how Barcelona will react to the latest developments.


Anurag said...

Ah buj, pep was right.

R10FCB said...

50 mill? 40 mill is enough as it is. hopfully villa pushing for a transfer might lower the price to 40. i wonder if keirrison will still be part of the deal.

Anurag said...

Well, R10, I'll be keeping my eyes open for any more news on this. It is a very unfortunate case, really. Thankfully, it looks as if Filipe will be coming though.