Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Barcelona Board Surprises Everyone: What a Steal

Barcelona have completed a signing that has taken everyone by surprise.

Albeit, a pleasant one.

In this age of Perez-esque prices, Barcelona have pulled off a major coup by signing proven Inter left wingback Maxwell for a measly price of just 4 million euros.

With Deportivo president Lendoiro demanding an arm and a leg for Filipe Luis, it was inevitable that Barcelona would be linked with several other players for the left fullback position. Andre Santos and Monreal were two of the players whose names were thrown into the ring, while Filipe himself kept pushing for a transfer.

At one point, a deal for Filipe looked so certain that he was not included in Deportivo's pre-season group photo.

However, it seems that Barcelona have finally lost patience with Deportivo's demands. This move comes as a pleasant surprise. Not only because it was completely unexpected, but also because :

a. Maxwell is an experienced player who fits into Barcelona's style of play perfectly.

b. The price - At a cost of 4 million euros, Barcelona have managed to procure a fine left back, who can act as cover and as a starter. This is less than half the price of Filipe which Barcelona were willing to pay.

c. Maxwell will be eager to prove himself after being sidelined for long spells at Inter.

d. He can play at left back, left wingback, left mid and defensive mid, so he is versatile.

Naturally, there are some pitfalls, like his age and injury proneness, but none of that can take away the fact that he will perfectly integrate into Barcelona's hold and pass the ball system.

All credit, thus, to the Barcelona board, for pulling off a brilliant move in all respects. It will be interesting to see Maxwell plying his trade at the Camp Nou next season.


karthik said...

Maxwell was amazing in ajax. Waiting to watch him play in the holy ground of CAMp Nou

Anurag said...

Yep, can't wait :D

A bus-breaking defender, what more could barca have got!

R10FCB said...

great player and what is even better is how cheap we got him, great buy. but i feel sorry for filipe luis, he was so certain he was going to move and deportivo blocked it. i heard that his agent said he was crying and in shock when he heard the news.

Anurag said...

yea R10, i hear filipe's GF gave up her job and was looking for a house in barcelona too.

Xaviniesta said...

poor filipe. he's really good too. i read he cried and wouldnt take phone calls.

Anurag said...

I really feel bad for him too, but in the best interests of the club, this move is excellent.

Xaviniesta said...

true. it kind of restored my faith in txiki lol. not that i lost a lot of it. knew he'd come through one way or other :P