Monday, July 13, 2009

Villa's Future to Be Resolved Soon

Catalan paper Sport claims that, at 1800 hours on Monday, 13th July, David Villa is scheduled to meet with Valencia president Manuel Llorente and clarify the position on his future once and for all.

Llorente will, during the meeting, reiterate Los Che's wish to make Villa stay with them again next season. Villa will try and convince Valencia that his future lies at the Camp Nou.

One of the major factors that tilts this meeting in the favour of Villa is that last year, Valencia had promised to grant him a move if he wishes to, in the future. Therefore, there is a very good chance that Villa will be granted final permission to complete the transfer to Barcelona tomorrow.

Whatever transpires, you can be sure that there will be an announcement here.


R10FCB said...

wow good work Anurag this looks promising, i am excited for this blog. all we need to do is to get all the followers of peps blog to start following this one.
on topic i hope we sign villa, he is class and will fit in very well with xavi and iniesta. hopfully the signing will be made offical soon!

Anurag said...

Thanks R10 :)

I have posted on the private section at, so hopefully Ramzi and b4l and all will at least give this one a look.

And yes, Villa would be a dream. It will be finalised/scrapped today, if Sport is to be believed

Xaviniesta said...

anurag, nice blog. would defo add this to my followed blogs list. keep us posted on the villa saga pls. the suspense is killing me.

Anurag said...

Sure Xaviniesta, I hope either of the Catalan papers gives immediate news about the meeting.

sashi said...

hey anurag. great work man! and you can also rope in the ppl who were willing to help Pep on remaking that blog. you can take their help in re-creating this blog of yours. i'll try my best to be of some help.

and yeah... the suspense is tooo much to bear. the entire weekend, i was just googling to check on any updates on Villa. would be a massive boost to our team if we sign him.