Sunday, July 12, 2009

Keirrison Very Close to Becoming First Confirmed Signing

Catalan paper Sport has claimed that Brazilian starlet Keirrison is about to become Barcelona's first confirmed signing of this transfer season.

Keirrison previously played in the Brazilian league side Palmeiras and had 80% of his rights owned by Traffic, with whom Barcelona's principal negotiations took place.

It is reported that only a few fringe details of the contract are to be ironed out, and he would most likely be presented later this week.

Keirrison, aged 20, is viewed as a long term successor of Samuel Eto'o. However, his immediate future with Barcelona is subject to speculation, as he could be included as a loan out in the Blaugrana's bid for David Villa.


Xaviniesta said...

how true is it that some issues on the transfer got the palmeiras coach fired? a friend just told me that, never got around to finding out the details.

Anurag said...

It is true. Luxemburgo made some silly statements, including , "Keirrison never even spoke to me" and "I would not like to keep him now."

Such statements of his led to his either resigning or getting fired. Im not sure which.