Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Mascherano Would Be Pleased To Join Barcelona - Agent

The agent of Argentinean midfielder Javier Mascherano has reportedly reiterated the player's wish to leave Liverpool for Barcelona.

Walter Tamer, Mascherano's representative, was the man who initially revealed his client would be open to a move to Spain over the summer. Reds manager Rafael Benitez was quick to dismiss any talk of the Argentina international leaving Anfield as the holding midfielder is central to the club's future plans.

But more quotes attributed to Tamer have emerged, citing personal reasons involving Mascherano's family for the player's apparent disillusionment on Merseyside.

"Barcelona is the easiest deal to set up as Javier wants to go to Spain. He is tired of life in England," Tamer said, according to South American website

"His wife has not been given a permanent visa. She has to go through an odyssey each time she wants to go [out of the country].

"Liverpool refuse to sell, [but] this can be overcome with an extraordinary offer."

Barcelona are yet to make a concrete offer for Mascherano.


buj said...

I doubt Barca have any money left on par with the "extraordinary offer" after the Ibra deal. Unless Masch insist on doing his part, he won't wear a Barca shirt this time around.

I'm more of the opinion, if Barca were to made even any hint of an offer, it would be to prevent RM from getting a free pass in their quest for Xabi Alonso.

Anurag said...

Of course this deal is not happening, buj, unless we do not buy Ibrahimovic.

buj said...

Thank god you noticed those idiots comments. I am sorry you have to spent more of your precious time moderating comments but for this blog's sake I guess I support it fully.

BTW do you have any altercation with anyone before as I have the impression that this is the work of a jealous competing Barca blog?

Lets hope implement this measure too.

Anurag said...

No buj, nothing. Unless you count rejecting one person who asked me to work for But that wasn;t an altercation, just a simple "No thank you."

buj said...

Well, I am sorry for you.. again. Keep posting news and opinions.

BTW about the Spurs vs FCB thing. I've read and successfully tried suggestions to get a decent stream, and it is 1)use internet explorer not firefox and 2)let it run for a while (buffering) and close the chat box. Of course it also depends on the streaming servers capacity.

Anurag said...

Thanks, any idea what time GMT it will be broadcast?

buj said...

2100hrs EU time. I'll try to confirm it later. Another site you might want to try tho I haven't myself is,3,4,5,6&p=3

buj said...

To be specific about the MyP2P site this is the link If I'm not mistaken England is GMT+1 so, that could be around midnight for you and 4am for me.