Monday, July 13, 2009

FIFPro Supports Ribery On Bayern Exit

The international players' union (FIFPro) has shown its support for the French international Franck Ribéry of Bayern Munich and has sent a protest to the European Commission and FIFA on the grounds that the club limits the free movement of the player.

FIFPro announced on its website that Bayern president Karl-Heinz Rummenigge recently acknowledged that "the clubs belonging to the European Club Association (ECA), which since January 2008 represents a 153-team had made a mutual pact partly to obviate the article 17 of FIFA Regulations on the Status and Transfer of Players. "

FIFPro said that, according to Rummenigge, president of ACE, "this would mean that after the stabilization period of three years Ribéry could not rescind his contract to go to another club, which runs as provided in Article 17 of the Rules of FIFA, under which it would be possible. "

The union recalled that Ribéry, strongly sought by Barcelona, plays at Bayern since 2007 and his contract ends in 2011.

The player could, in accordance with Article 17, unilaterally terminate his contract after the period of stability for three years, after which the Bayern would be compensated only by an amount based on the residual value of the contract Ribéry, which in this case amounts to an annual salary.

"FIFPro considers that this restriction of free movement is illegal. The world players' union is calling for the intervention of the European Commission in this matter. In addition to going to ask FIFA to enforce compliance of the Rules," announced the union chairs the Spanish Gerardo Gonzalez Movilla.

FIFPro's attorney, Wil van Megen said: "If the clubs are free to ignore the FIFA regulations, valid in the whole world from now on it will be impossible to maintain the international legal system within football."

"In anticipation of a strong reaction from the European Commission, FIFPro takes to show their support for Franck Ribéry. A player who, in accordance with Article 17, should have the freedom to choose the club of their dreams" concludes the reporting of FIFPro.

This ruling could give a strong push to Ribery's much anticipated move to either Barcelona or Real Madrid.


sashi said...

dont go spoil your career at Madrid. join us Ribery. you know wat is best or us. hope he makes a proper decision.

Anurag said...

He will, for sure

buj said...

Any more update on FIFPro vs. ECA tussle? If FIFPro does get its way, will Ribery be able to join us before season start?

buj said...

I just read your "about me" and I whole-heartedly agree about keeping this blog simple. Thanks Anurag.

Xaviniesta said...

@buj, we're assuming he's coming to barca but he did say even before he would only be interested in a madrid transfer. that makes me kind of wish the Fifro iniative wont come to much. ribery in bayern would be a less dangerous proposition for barca.

Anurag said...

Thanks buj.

About Ribery, I will be seeing if anything develops, but as of right now, this has one meaning - in 2010, next summer that is, if Bayern have not sold Ribery, he can terminate his contract and leave for a meagre fee of 16-20 million. It has no real implication for this year, but it could facilitate a move as Bayern would rather receive more cash for him than have him leave for 16 mill. A bit like Eto'o leaving on free next year.

buj said...

@xavi,Isn't that refuted already i.e. wrong translation? He would be awesome tho I doubt it myself as Villa deal is moving towards a completion, leaving less of the budget if it does go thru.

@Anurag, I guess you did "talk" with Pep about Ribery. On his blog, he said it could be some kind of strategy tho I'm not sure what he meant.