Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Alberto Botia To Join Sporting

Catalan paper Sport has revealed that Sporting have completed the signing of Barcelona Atletic central defender Alberto Botia.

The signing was reportedly slightly complicated because Botia's contract, which expired next season, had to be renewed first, before any transfer deals could be closed.

Sport also states that this deal could have come through because Barcelona are about to sign Villarreal C midfielder Miguel Angel Luque Santiago.


sashi said...

wtf?????!!?!?!?! i thought him and Muniesa will be joining the senior team to give us some depth for CB. where did this come from??? is it a loan or a permanent deal??? is the Barca board disowning the players or wat??? shrinking the team like this!

Anurag said...

sashi, see the update. According to Sport, we are signing a midfield replacement in Luque.

sashi said...

isn't Botia a central defender??? how are we replacing him with a midfielder??? i don't get it.

sashi said...

its a loan deal.


thank god it's only a loan. but bad move though.

Anurag said...

Good to hear sashi.